An Interactive Online experience, where you the player take part in a jury. Together with your fellow jury members you are expected to evaluate a liability case. A case were a user and developer seem to be liable for a person's death caused by an AI-robot.
In assignment of Logic Locks I have worked on a second case on the existing experience: The Verdict. During my internship, from August until December, I worked together with their team on developing the backstory to turn it into a NEW experience.
The Verdict (case 2), is not only a project in assignment of Logic Locks, but is also my graduation project for my bachelor's degree in Illustrated and Animated Storytelling.

This means I have designed some of the material more for the school side of the project and other content was created more like the company's desires.
For this project I have designed: different kinds of evidence material, an instruction video to introduce players into the experience , and have worked on a Marketing side-project for the experience.
I have done a platform research and design research to two different target audiences: a corporate target and a friendly & private target. The corporate target is an audience that is already easily attracted to these kinds of teambuilding experiences. The friendly & private target on the other hand is a target that is not that easily attracted to these kinds of subjects and experiences, but after a series of playtests it is a game that more people keep recommending to each other. 
So, I did some research on how to reach this target a little bit better, by trying to design not only two different typed of flyers (to attract both of the possible targets of the experience) but also a series of 3 Instagram posts.
This part of The Verdict case 2 is fully from the school part of the project, and might not be used for future marketing material through Logic Locks, but this is not decided yet.
For the Verdict 2 I have been working on general development, some graphic design and organising and planning out the creative process. I was not the head leader of the team, but devenitly from a planner's perspective an important part of the team.
During development we used different software to keep an eye on the process, mostly Miro.
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