Wanderer World is a Choose Your Own Adventure Graphic Novel, made with Twine. This was a free project in the first period of my Minor: Interactive Narrative Design (HKU). Were together with a fellow student we designed a story and illustrated the whole thing to be able to make it an interactive story through Twine.
In the story of Wanderer World you are a heroic traveler who has been an outcast since your were young. Now the city needs you and the kind of the town above the clouds is in need of your help to defeat a certain evil, choose your path and end up with one of the powers that will allow your transformation.
The story was written by Thomas Richters, my partner in this project. I illustrated the story strategically to be able to make the adventure more immersive.
In the creation of this project I was the general planner and organiser to make sure the team (Thomas and I) would get our work done in time and were able to make some Quality ofLife changes in the game.
I was also the designer for the visualisations of the story, and the coder for the UI/UX, and flow of the game in a free software called Twine.

Twine uses java script language and different version of it to be able to program simple story based adventures. The stories can be as interactive and diverse as you can imagine, but requires you to pick the right version of twine for your story, so you can use the right coding-language to reach you needs in the eventual game.
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